HTML5 Advertising

Specle supports both static advertising and externally created HTML5 advertising.

Externally created HTML5 advertising can be uploaded in the upload window by creating ZIP archive of the HTML content and all assets.

Keep text 10 px (pt) away from the edge of the screen

Maximum file size for HTML5 ZIP files is 2mb.

Please make note of the following:

  • Externally created HTML5 must be supplied at least 5 days prior to deadline.
  • It must contain a single index.html file and cache.manifest
  • All assets should be included and nothing should be referenced externally.
  • HTML must not exceed the size of the content window. Note that dimensions in Specle are supplied at 2x the CSS unit.
  • Preload images to support thumbnail creation in the app
  • All ads must be tested throughly by the advertiser using the preview facility in Specle

To test ads in Specle:

  • First, ensure that the screen shot accurately reflects the ad in the portrait dimension. Specle chooses the largest portrait device for its job preview
  • Then ensure that it correctly previews in the web view. Click the preview link to view in the browser (note you need a monitor that is at least as big as the device in pixels to show it at full size)
  • Finally, preview the ad on all the devices that you expect the ad to run on. Ideally, you should use an iPhone and iPad, and as many other devices as you can. You can use the ‘email me a preview link’ to email yourself a link to the ad that you can use. Click the “Preview on Device” button and follow the instructions to preview the ad in the same app environment as the publication.
  • If you have any concerns after using Preview on Device, you should try previewing the ad in a full screen browser on your device. We recommend using Clear Browser on iOS which is available on the app store. If anything does not appear as you expect, you should attempt to resolve the problem yourself. Contact your developer or platform provider to modify the code the resolve the issue. Do not send the ad to the publisher if you notice any issue with the ad in this preview process.

If you would like to send a static backup of the ad, please create a second ad, then upload the static version of the ad using Specle. This is always a good idea as issues can be found late in the process.

Publisher contact

Associated Newspapers (Metro)

Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street
W8 5TT
United Kingdom
T: +44(0)207 9386000
F: +44(0)207 9386000

URL: Visit website

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